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Thanks for your interest in The River Community Church. If you’re like many Canadians, you don’t have a high view of church. In fact, when someone mentions the word, you think “boring” or “irrelevant”. At The River, we’d like to change your mind about church. First and foremost, we’d like you to discover, like we have, that knowing Jesus ushers you into a full life—one seasoned by grace, inspired by truth and rich in hope. Second, we’d like you to know that a church really can be a vibrant and world transforming community.

In fact, being a part of it can feel a lot like family. Are you sceptical? Do you have “big” questions? Many people do. That’s why on Sunday morning we try to provide a casual atmosphere (including bagels and coffee!) in which you can explore your “God” questions. If you have kids, they’ll love our family oriented worship which includes live music, drama, stories and humour. Check us out. You may just change your mind about church. BTW, if you want more information, consider clicking through the “Who We Are” menu.

11520 Ellerslie Road SW
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6W 1A2
(780) 438-4523


Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

The River Community Church exists to help people in Edmonton discover life in Jesus Christ. We invite people into a radically inclusive, spiritually vibrant, life restoring and world transforming Christian community in which they can connect with God and others, find wholeness, grow in their faith, serve their neighbours, and share the treasure they’ve  found in knowing Jesus with others.
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The River's History

In 2001, Pastor Bruce and his wife Sharon Gritter felt led to leave their church in Abbotsford, B.C. to start The River Community Church in Edmonton, Alberta. Riverbend/Terwillegar was chosen as its location for several reasons, including the relatively small number of churches in the rapidly growing community. In the fall of 2002, several families from other Edmonton churches joined the Gritter family and The River was born. After a year of preparation, the church held its grand opening worship service on Sept. 28, 2003 in the gym of George H. Luck Elementary School.
In the Fall of 2009, The River moved into Lillian Osborne High School where it ministered for several years.

In 2013, The River moved into its current 1000 seat location at what is now called South Pointe Community Centre. it’s vision is to become the incarnational heart of a thriving community centre in South-west Edmonton; a genuine place of healing and grace.