February 2017

FSF – THIS SUNDAY! – Finger Lickin Chicken!
    Join us Sunday March 5th for First Sunday Fellowship. Please Bring a favourite chicken dish or a dessert to share! Mmmm – Colonel Sanders would be proud! FSF is a [...]
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    Monday Musings–February 27th
      We had a terrific Executive retreat over the weekend. Let me take this opportunity to tell you what a wonderful group of people you have leading this church. They care [...]
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      5 Questions–February 26th
        How do you get angry? Do you blow your stack? Do you throw things around? Are you a slow burner? Do you just go quiet? Share a time in your [...]
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        This Sunday’s Message–“Why Are You Angry?”
          This Sunday: “Why Are You Angry?” Message Series: Turning Point Sometimes God wants to save us from ourselves. He sees where our life is headed and He wants to prevent [...]
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          Youth Serve Vancouver Trip – July 7-16
            July 7-16 2017, Pastor Luke will be leading a youth/ya focused serve trip to downtown Vancouver! 10 spots availiable! Details Below. COST – $425 – fundraising options availiable DEADLINE – [...]
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            5 Questions – “Who Told You?”
              Are you decisive? Yes or no. Can’t decide? What’s the best decision you ever made? What’s the worse? What’s the difference between shaming and convicting someone? Why does the Bible [...]
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              New Series – Turning Point
                New Message Series @ The River–“Turning Point” ​This Sunday: “Who Told You?” Why would God ask anyone a question? It’s certainly not because He needs information. The answer is because [...]
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                Tax Receipts Available at Stewardship Corner
                  Starting this Sunday, your gift/giving receipts will be available at the Stewardship Corner on Sunday mornings. Please talk to Byron if you have any questions regarding this. Thanks so much [...]
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                  Milton Howg Memorial Service–Monday, Feb. 20th, 11 AM
                    On Thursday, February 9th, after a brave battle with cancer, Milton Howg, 82, went home to be with Jesus. He leaves behind Katherine, his wife, and other family members including [...]
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                    Monday Musings Feb. 13th
                      Last week, for me, exemplified what it’s like to be a pastor. On Tuesday, I had a chance to see Milton Howg one last time before he died on Thursday [...]
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