Monday Morning Musings

What a beautiful service yesterday. Lots of God moments. So many people gathering around Josh and Emily to bless them on the baptism of Natalie and to bless them further as they leave to take up a new life in Lethbridge. The worship team really knocked it out of the park as well with their song selection and inspired worship leading. And then the prayer after the service. Thanks to everyone who came forward to hear Sandra’s story and to pray for her. Please keep lifting her and her family up before the Lord. Keep praying for healing.
I hope you are enjoying hearing all of our church planters preach over the summer. Next week, our Ft. Saskatchewan church planter Ryan Pedde will be here again. He’s preaching on Psalm 19. He has so many God stories right now in relation to the new plant: new families joining, doors opening, resources appearing, leaders stepping forward….it’s truly amazing. The following week Victor Ko will at The River and he’ll be preaching on Psalm 95 on the subject of worship. He’s just getting off a sabbatical so he should rested and ready to go. On August 25th, Aaron Au will be back. I heard so many good comments on his last sermon at The River that I’m sure you’ll want to hear him preach again. He’s preaching on Psalm 12 in a sermon entitled, “Words”. On the September long weekend, Bill Nieuwenhuis, who recently joined our church, is preaching. Bill is such an authentic and loving man. I know you'll enjoy his teaching so much. So, you might be wondering when I’m preaching again. Not until September 8th on our Homecoming Sunday. Due to a combination of holidays and preaching at other churches, I’m away. However, enjoy the fine preaching talent that our church planting movement has assembled. Every time I think about it, I thank God for His work in Edmonton. To HIM be the glory!
FYI, no MMM for several weeks. I’ll be back on September 9th.

Nathan FudgeComment