• on March 28, 2017

5 Questions–March 26th

    1. Had any mountain top moments lately? Moments in which you’ve experienced the power or goodness of the Lord. How about some “under the broom tree” moments? Moments in which you’ve felt besieged by life. Share.
    2. When you’ve felt beaten down by life, what’s the best thing that someone can do for you? Listen to you? Leave you alone? Let you cry on their shoulder? Do something practical for you? Challenge you? What?
    3. Read 1 Kings 19:1-18 again. It’s a riveting story. What’s strikes you the most? Why? Is it significant that the interaction between God and Elijah takes place on Mt. Sinai?
    4. God was not in the wind. God was not in the earthquake. God was not in the fire. But, He was in the relational, still small voice. What does this tell you about God? Why is this comforting?
    5. At the end of the story, Elijah realized that he was a lot less alone than he thought he was. Does it comfort you to know that there are 2.2 billion other Christians in the world? Why are we so prone to “I’m the only one” argument?

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