• on March 6, 2017

5 Questions–March 5th

    1. Who is the most hospitable person you know? When you have someone over for dinner, what’s your go to dish? When is the last time you “killed the fatted calf?”
    2. In Genesis 15, God comes to Abraham at night and in a pillar of fire. In Genesis 18, God comes to Sarah in the heat of the day and in person. Why does God come to different people in different ways? Why is it important not to judge someone else’s experience of God solely in terms of our own? What does this mean for a church like The River which has people from a wide variety of backgrounds?
    3. The NIV translates what God said to Sarah as, “Is there anything too HARD for the Lord?”, whereas the best translation is, “Is there anything too WONDERFUL for the Lord?” Why does the translation of this one word make all the difference in how we understand this passage? What does it mean that God is a WONDERFUL counselor?
    4. Sarah had to believe God enough to walk in the promise; that is, practically, to re-engage in intimacy with her husband. What does this say about having faith? How does this connect with what it says in the book of James; namely, that “faith without works is dead.”
    5. How has the Lord brought you joy lately? Be specific.

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