• on February 7, 2017

5 Questions–The Revenant

    1. What’s the weirdest wildlife/animal encounter you’ve ever had? Have you ever been bitten or chased by an animal?
    2. Over and over again in the film The Revenant, Hugh Glass tells his son Hawk, “you are my son”. What is unique about a father’s love? Why is it so important in a child’s life? Read 1 John 3:1. How do these words comfort you?
    3. Put yourself in the place of Hugh Glass. Would you have sought revenge? Given the circumstances, is Hugh Glass’ violent pursuit of Fitzgerald justified? Now read Romans 12:17-21. Do you grasp how radical this teaching actually is?
    4. On Sunday, I said, “I think our filmmaker is confronting us with two perspectives on life and reality…one is a dog eat dog, Darwinian worldview represented by Fitzgerald. The other is a worldview that acknowledge God and the gift of life, represented by Glass.” Where, according to the filmmaker do each of these views take us. How does the Bible spell this out in greater detail?
    5. How has this world wounded you? Share. Close your time by praying earnestly for each other….for healing, for forgiveness, for life.

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