Monday Musings

So Happy April Fools day everyone! Did you get “had” today by someone? I tried some lame thing about Sharon’s bike being stolen, but she didn’t bite. She’s always been better at this kind of thing than me. For those of you who don’t know, April Fool’s day started when Pope Gregory the 13th moved New Year's Day to January 1st in 1582. However, not everyone in the hinterlands got the memo, and many people still celebrated New Year’s Day on April 1st. These folks were nicknamed, “April’s Fools”. And then it kind of morphed from there into what we have today. Some of my favorite April Fool’s jokes that have been perpetrated over the years are as follows:

  1. The BBC ran a television show on April 1st, 1957 about the Swiss spaghetti harvest enjoying a bumper year thanks to mild weather and the elimination of the spaghetti weevil. As television was relatively new at that time, many English folks bought in.

  2. In 2015, Cottenelle tweeted it was introducing left-handed toilet paper for all those southpaws out there. Their tag-line was some lefty saying, “It cleans just like right-handed toilet paper, only now it’s made for me."

  3. In 1962, the Swedish national network put on a technical expert who told the public that its black-and-white broadcasts could be made color by viewing them trough nylon stockings. Many Swedes fell for the hoax. I can just see a whole family of Swedes gathered around the TV with nylon stockings on their heads saying, “This isn’t working. I can’t see a thing”.

  4. In 1994, PC Magazine ran a column about a bill making its way through Congress that would prohibit the use of the internet while intoxicated. I think only intoxicated people fell for that one 😊

Anyway, this day always reminds me how important it is for us to have a good laugh occasionally and to not take ourselves TOO seriously! The joy of the Lord is our STRENGTH!
What a great weekend of worship! Both Sunday morning and REVIVE were wonderful opportunities to worship and lift up the name of the Lord. Thanks so much to our hard-working worship teams!
Our MLT/Executive staff retreat was, for me, another highlight of a busy weekend. It was an awesome opportunity to eat together, pray together and to dream about The River’s future. Look for some take aways from this weekend to emerge in the coming weeks.
Young Liam stopped me in the foyer on Sunday to share with me that he and his Mom and Dad are doing a daily VLOG for Lent. As a sacrifice (which is a tradition during Lent), they have decided to give up fast food and to give the money to The River instead. They are also reading a daily devotional together. Way to go! What a great thing to do as a family in order to identify with the suffering of Jesus during Lent. If you and your family have decided to do something special during Lent, let me know and I'll share it next week. 

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