Monday Morning Musings

Thanks to everyone who participated in The River’s 15th birthday yesterday. I want to especially thank all the volunteers who came early and stayed late. You guys are awesome! Also, to our staff who worked hard to make this a memorable day. Great job! The weather wasn’t the greatest (a little chilly, to say the least), but at least it didn’t rain. Yeah, I’m a glass is ½ full kind of guy. Just so you know, we’ll be running the ministry booths again next week, for those who weren’t there on Sunday or who forgot to sign up. Remember, we need everyone fully engaged this Fall at The River to reach our full potential.
WE HAVE A NEW WEBSITE! Please take it for a ride and feel free to give us some feedback. A few principles guided us. First, simplicity. Most people don’t want to read a ton of web material. So, we tried simplifying our website to just the essentials. Second, newcomer friendly. The vast majority of people who visit our website are newcomers to The River or people who are searching on-line for a church. So, it’s built to cater to them. In this regard, it’s a tool that you can use to invite people to The River. Third, less updating. The website it written in such a way that it needs very little updating and so is always current. Nothing worse than an out of date website. Fourth and finally, has a good calendar. This new website has a good calendar that is fully updated until Christmas. So, if you’re wondering about an event or program—when and where it’s happening---just check the calendar. Anyway, we hope you like it.
Hey, Nathan has to hang a ton of door hangers this week to promote our new youth ministry—ELEVATE YOUTH. Given the weather, I know it’s not the most compelling job. However, if you have some time, I’m sure he’d LOVE the help. You can reach him at

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