Monday Morning Musings--November 12th

A few quick hitters this week:

  • Many of you will be getting this edition of MMM while you holiday since the kids are off school for most of this week. If that’s you, wherever you are, have a wonderful, restful time.

  • My brother-in-law Ed preached yesterday at The River. By all accounts, he was well received. Lately, he’s been shortening his sermons and doing an interactive question time at the end. He creates 4 questions in advance and different congregants are invited to grab a microphone and answer one of the 4 questions in 3 sentences (or so). If you were there, let me know what you thought. I’m considering adopting this idea every so often.

  • Thanks to my wife Sharon for hosting so thoughtfully yesterday. It seemed like a good fit since she is Ed’s sister.

  • We’re finally getting the new flooring installed in the nursery this week. It’s been a trial booking the flooring guys. Their reasonable and good, so they’re very busy. We need to do some room prep on Thursday morning, so if you’re not doing anything for a few hours, swing by at about 9:30 AM and give us a hand. The laminate itself is being installed on Friday.

  • Our staff is going on a retreat next week from Sunday to Tuesday night. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks to Roy and Heather Gritter for letting us use their cabin as a retreat centre.

  • If you missed my “Christmas With Style” update on Friday, make sure you scroll back and read it. It has a lot of important information.

  • No MMM next week as I’ll be on retreat. Blessing all!

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