• on June 19, 2017

Monday Musings

    So, I had my father over on Friday night for Father’s Day weekend. As I reflect on it, the most significant thing I took from my father is his open mindedness and grace. In fact, to this day, politically speaking, he’s more liberal than me. We have arguments….but that’s for another Musings. Regardless, his willingness to see the other person’s perspective, to embrace “out of the box” thinking even when it wasn’t/isn’t popular, to apply both grace and truth in every situation, and to always default to believing the best about people has really shaped me as a pastor. Thanks Dad for showing me the love of Jesus lived out!

    Hey, can I get you to volunteer. I know, I know…..you’re busy. However, summer represents some of the best and most wonderful opportunities to volunteer around The River. First, consider volunteering for Discover Canada Kids Camp which reaches out to newcomers, refugees and immigrants to Canada. It’s a seven week, all day program featuring a bunch of different day trips. It’s going to be so much fun and so impactful. But, it NEEDS volunteers. We’re trying to do more with less this year. So, CLICK HERE to sign up and our crack camp coordinator will give you details. And then, there is the Heritage Valley Spectacular, our Canada Day event. It’s going to be SPECTACULAR in so many ways including great music, jumpy things for the kids, food trucks, fireworks and so much more. Volunteer by CLICKING HERE. Thanks for loving your community!

    Check out on of the band that’s coming to the Spectacular. They are called “The Royal Foundry” and if you like Mumford and Sons, you’ll love this band. Bring your friends, a lawn chair and enjoy (FOR FREE!) a band that I guarantee will play Rogers Place one day.

    Say, next Sunday, we’re taking an offering for the Zambia partnership. Frankly, we need to raise $10,000 right away. Sharon and I are giving $500, so that’s a start. Will you help us? This is such a strategic ministry. Your gift will go a long way. Thanks!

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