Monday Musings

The internet can be a dark place at times, but it’s also an amazing blessing. Have you heard of Master Class? It’s basically on-line video courses that you can take with some of the most accomplished people in different fields. For example, you can take a cooking class with Gordon Ramsey. Or you can take a class on film making with Ron Howard; or on comedy with Steve Martin. You can even take a class on poker with Daniel Negreanu. Each class is about 3 or 4 hours long and is done in a kind of one on one style. I’m learning a ton of interesting things. For example, I learned the proper way to make scrambled eggs from Gordon Ramsay. While the way I WAS doing it resulted in decent scrambled egg, in watching him, I realized that no one actually taught me the right way. I just copied what my mother always did. Gordon taught me the classic French way of making scrambled eggs. Hint, it’s with crème fresh, not milk. Anyway, years ago I committed to be a life long learner. Of the Bible, but also of many other things. BTW, if you come across a great TED talk, or a great book, or a great article, or something like Master Class, send it my way. I’ll try do the same and we'll be a life long learning community.

Nathan FudgeComment