Monday Musings

After the congregation meeting yesterday, I said to Nathan, “Ah, now we’re back to normal”. September is always a crazy busy month as we’re kicking off all the ministries: holding “Welcome Back” Sunday (which was even bigger this year as it was our anniversary), doing the congregation meeting (which mean passing the budget), casting vision for the new year and reformatting our Executive team. Whew! That’s a lot. BTW, did I ever tell about the time my mother voted against the budget? My MOTHER! A few years back, my Dad and her moved here from Red Deer and they started coming to The River. At that time, she was starting to suffer significantly from dementia (she’s in a full care facility now). Anyway, she was in the habit of repeating what people said. So, when Gayle (our Executive chair at the time) said, “All against the budget, say AYE”, she repeated what Gayle said and said, “AYE”. She was the only one who voted against the budget, so it was pretty obvious. After the congregation meeting, several people came up to me and said jokingly, “Bruce, your own mother voted against the budget!” I said, “After all these years, she still holding me accountable.”
Say, in case you missed it, we’re welcoming Jon Elzinga and Joanne Ogle to our Executive. A huge thanks to Dave Ryan and Kathy Dempsey who also let their name stand for Executive elder. Having been in that situation myself, it’s kind of weird. Before the vote, there’s a big part of you that thinking, “Don’t pick me, don’t pick me, because I’m so busy.” And then when you’re not picked, you’re kind of a little sad that you weren’t picked and you’re thinking, “How come I wasn’t picked. What’s wrong with me?” Like I said, it’ weird. BTW, let me once again declare a HUGE THANK YOU to our outgoing Executive members Juli and Lindsay, who served as co-chairs on Executive. They were terrific. Both of them were in the habit of asking really hard questions from time to time, which is good for an Executive. They also did a ton of work. Thank you gals! You’re amazing. We love you. P.S. Lindsay and Daniel (Lindsay's husband) are leaving for Haiti tomorrow to pick up their adopted son Chancy. God’s speed to both of you. We'll be praying for you.
I got our first community responder to our Alpha campaign last night. She responded through the website, likely to one of our door hangers. As I mentioned on Sunday, in the wind and the snow, our Alpha team delivered door hangers to A LOT of doors in the area on Saturday afternoon. I sent them a “Way to go TEAM!” e-mail this morning. Of course, Sharon sent a follow up e-mail claiming that it MUST have been HER door hangers that did the trick. Smile. BTW, if the video you saw yesterday morning intrigued you, come to Alpha. We’d love to have you. Lasagna is on the menu for the first week. In the words of Homer Simpson, “Hmmmmmm, lasagna.”

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