• on May 7, 2018

Monday Musings

    So, last Monday, I’m at the gala opening of the new theatre at Lillian Osborne high school and I get a phone call from Byron. “Come to South Pointe right now. It’s on fire!” So, I jumped in my car and broke a few speed limits driving there. Sure enough, there were fire engines and a raft of people out on the front lawn. As it turns, it was a small electrical fire (mostly smoke) and nobody was hurt. Praise the Lord! Our dimmer pack, which controls the stage lights in the auditorium shorted out and one of its three fuses didn’t blow (as it should have). Thankfully, the fire department got their quickly and cut the power. Again, PTL! Amazingly, thanks to Byron’s great leadership, we were only without the stage lights for a few days and if you were in church on Sunday, you probably didn’t even notice a thing. At our staff meeting on Tuesday, I told Nathan and Derrick to quit praying that God would set this church on fire. Or least be a little more specific….SPIRITUALLY, not PHYSICALLY!
    Thanks so much to the GEMS (our young girls program at The River) for hosting the barbecue after church yesterday. The food was delicious, and we raised almost $1000 for the Esther program in Zambia. In case you weren’t in church yesterday, the Esther program enables needy girls in Zambia to attend their version of GEMS. So thanks for buying hotdogs and helping kids. BTW, a big thank you to Lindsay McDavid who led our GEMS program so well this last year. BTW, we DEFINITELY need a few gals to step forward over the summer to help Lindsay next year. If you’ll recall, Lindsay and Daniel are adopting two boys from Haiti and they very likely will arrive in the next few months. So, she’ll be even more busy next year. Indeed, unless a few Riverite gals step up, we’re not sure if we can run the program next year. You can let anyone on staff know if you’re willing. Thanks!

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