• on June 4, 2018

Monday Musings

    Hi all. Juli (on behalf of Executive) sent me a note last night to pass on to you. I thought I’d incorporate it in Monday Musings as I know a good number of you read this. She wrote, “We want to thank everyone who stuck around this week for our congregational meeting. We know these things aren’t often super exciting, they interfere with nap-time, and it just may not be your first choice of how to spend part of your Sunday. But we are SO EXCEPTIONALLY APPRECIATIVE for your time, the tough questions you asked, and the areas in which you pushed us for accountability and growth. We really believe in the need for more transparency and communication with all of you. We need to understand where you are at, what concerns you have, what programming you want, what things you don’t want that we are currently doing. If we are all going to build this church to be something exceptional, to reach more people, to serve our existing congregation better, and to set up every single person that enters our doors to be a devoted follower of Jesus, we NEED your help. So, again thank you for your time. Thank you for your commitment to the River. Thank you for pushing us to BE better and DO better. We are so excited for the potential of this church. And we can’t wait to reach it TOGETHER.”
    Since this came up at the congregation meeting, let me take a few moments to help everyone understand the relationship between The River and South Pointe. One of the things I try to emphasize when I’m talking to Riverites about this is that being at South Pointe is an incredibly good deal for The River. Sometimes people forget how drastically rents were rising at Lillian Osborne high school (our previous meeting space) before we moved to South Pointe. I checked into it this week, and we would be paying TWICE the amount of rent that we are currently paying at South Pointe to use the high school for ONE morning a week (Sunday morning). No office space for the staff, no permanent secondary space for youth ministry, children’s ministry, hospitality ministry, etc. What’s more, sometimes people ALSO forget how much it cost to pay for and manage a facility. The building that we owned and subsequently sold in Greenfield (which seated 200 people and had very little secondary facilities…i.e. no office space) cost just a little less than we are currently paying at South Pointe ON UTILITIES AND BUILDING MAITENANCE COST ALONE! Forget the mortgage. What’s even more, a huge portion of all the improvements that we’ve been able to make around the building in the past year or so—stage expansion, lighting improvements in the auditorium, flooring improvements, etc. have been paid for by South Pointe. What’s EVEN more, I believe that the partnership of South Pointe and The River is a incredible blessing to people who live in south west Edmonton. I’ve been told that by people who live in this area on numerous occasions. Is this partnership unique? Yes. Are there challenges? Yes. But, I hope you also understand that it is a huge blessing for The River to occupy and grow in this space.

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