Monday Musings

Some quick hitters for Monday Musings this week:

  • If you weren’t in church yesterday, and you’re wondering what to think about the fact that Canada has legalized cannabis, I addressed it in yesterday’s sermon. Check out the audio recording of the message on line.

  • Sharon and I have been inviting a bunch of people to “The Opioids Crisis” this Thursday night. I hope you’ll do the same. And come yourself! Sometimes, we run these Social Justice events and we’re wondering why so many Riverites choose not to come. Try it…you’ll like it!

  • Parents…don’t miss “The Joe Show” next Sunday morning. And again, invite your friends. Your kids and your kids friends will love it. And feel free to dress them up in the spirit of Halloween (non scary costumes).

  • Circle November 4th at 7 PM on your calendar. We having a special anniversary worship celebration at MosaicHouse East. We’re going to put together a “super” worship team made up of musicians from all the churches. We’re also going to do a lot of sharing. You’ll love it.

  • Our first FSF (First Sunday Fellowship) will be on November 4th. The theme is soup. Please bring some soup to share. Halsey and I are making some special Gleaners soup. I’ll explain the cool concept of the Gleaners on the 4th.

  • On the “Christmas With Style” front, remember 2 things: volunteer (we’re going to pass around some clip boards at the November 4th morning worship service so that everyone can sign up for something); and, bring gently used clothing to the church (whenever it’s open). Almost 100 women have already signed up for this event, so we need ALL HANDS ON DECK!

  • If you're free tonight, remember to drop by the church to help paint from 6:30-8:30 PM. Norm Mantel is in charge.

  • Keep on praying for those in our midst that need prayer: Jan and Renae, Sunghee, and those who have recently lost loved ones: Gayle Monsma and Kathy Dempsey. Also, please pray for Karen Wilk’s (she’s leading Neighbourhood Life, one of our daughter churches) daughter Nadine who has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

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