• on July 31, 2017

Monday Musings

    I attended Matt Jeneroux’s barbecue on Saturday. For those of you who don’t know, Matt is the MP for the Edmonton Riverbend riding which encompasses much of southwest Edmonton. The weather was great and there was a lot of glad handing, burger eating and political conversations. All of the candidates for this Fall’s Ward 9 civic election were there in order to promote their campaigns. Since Bryan Anderson, our current city councillor is retiring this year, there were a lot of them. It was good to see so many people engaged in trying to make their community a better place. Later in the day, at Nathan Ip’s (Ward H’s current school trustee) campaign kick-off, I ran into Joseph Luri. Some of you may remember him as a speaker at one of our social justice events a few years back. He’s running for trustee in Ward A. However, I have to tell you, whenever I find myself in these situations (and I’ve been involved politically for many years now), I’m always mindful of the limits of political influence and power. Ultimately, the only power that really changes human hearts and by extension our world is the power of the gospel.


    I preached on the icon “blood” last Sunday at Mosaic House South. I’m going to preach this message on August 13th at The River so I won’t spoil it for you. However, maybe as a kind of a spiritual exercise, we should all give blood between now and August 13th. It’s in you to give! Best slogan ever.

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