Monday Musings--December 3rd

So, yesterday (Sunday) was so rich. For those of you who don’t know, The River hosted over 90 gals from various shelters around Edmonton that received a makeover at a local salon and then came to The River/Southpointe where they were given all sorts of wonderful clothes, jewelry and shoes, fed a delicious Christmas dinner, given gifts, photographed and generally loved. They went home happy! And there were so many amazing stories, some of which we’re going to share next Sunday morning. So, let me say this, next week, don’t NOT come to church. Your going to want to hear what happened. You know, sometimes you agree to get involved in a community event and you end up having to justify to each other your expenditure of effort and resources. Not so yesterday. Most of us went home tired. Really tired. From having served so much. Can I say this: RIVERITES YOU ROCK!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your willingness to step up and love people. There are a lot of things I’ve regretted in my life, but never a day like yesterday. Never a day, in which, from dawn to dusk, I was involved in helping the poor. I hope you feel the same way. A special thanks go to Gord and Judi Bertie who dreamed this up, our SJN team who supported it, the staff, Karen Track and our hospitality team, the Butler Foundation, Edmonton Transit, all the drivers who braved snowy conditions, so many salons around the city who opened up their doors and their hearts, our women’s ministry who spent countless hours sorting clothing, set-up and take down crews, various donors, all the volunteers, the list goes on. You are amazing. God saw what you did and smiled. To HIM be the glory!
So, here’s another challenge. On December 16th, before the sweat has dried in relation to “Christmas With Style”, we’re going to be doing “A Child Centred Christmas”. And I know, I KNOW, it’s going to seem like we’re doing another MAJOR community event in the span of two weeks. Which, we are. But, here’s what I want to tell you. First, “A Child Centred Christmas” is less intensive. You’ll be home by 2 o clock. You can watch the football game and snooze on the coach after that (ok, that’s a pretty male perspective, but true). Second, the kids at The River love it….and there are so many of them…AND, if we’re really a family, we LOVE doing things for our kids AND we’re creating some FANTASTIC memories about church at Christmas for them. Third, think of “A Child Centred Christmas” as a gift to our LOCAL community. “Christmas With Style” was for the various shelters in Edmonton. This event is for our neighborhood, local folks. So….so…so…I need you to get on board with me on this….we’re going to need some more volunteers, extra passion to pull this event off. There will a worship service including our River Kids singing, me explain Christmas a bit, there will be sleigh rides, games, jumpy things, good food and so much more. Last year, we had so many community people attend. This year, we’re going to hang 3000 doorhangers inviting people to this event. So, let’s DO IT! Let’s be part of a great church!
So, can I encourage you to spend some time in the Bible during this Christmas season. Sharon and I have spent and continue to spend a SPECIAL time with our kids after supper talking about the Christmas story over the Christmas season. We have an Advent calendar that we work through devotionally. We read various Christmas passages, both from the Old Testament and the New Testament, and then light candles and share the beauty of the season with each other. If you want some ideas as to how to do this, e-mail me. I’d love to help you.  

Nathan FudgeComment