• on March 27, 2017

Monday Musings – March 27th

    I lead a little worship service at the old age home kitty corner to South Pointe every other week. It starts at 2 PM, so I zip home for a quick bite of food after church, grab an old sermon and head back from where I came. I must admit that sometimes I think I’m a little crazy for committing myself to this thing, but I just love being with the old folks. We sing all the old hymns, which I love, and they are so keen to volunteer to hand out music sheets, play piano and help clean up. Right now, I’m preaching the Proverbs series to them that I did last summer. The only problem is that since most of them never get out of the building, their world has become pretty small, and some of the applications I made in my original sermon, don’t really make sense. If you’re ever tempted to complain that you have too much to do, come along with me some week, and you’ll realize that your full life is more of a gift than you know.

    Well, it looks like Spring is finally here. The snow is retreating and we’re only a week away from Blue Jays baseball. In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge Blue Jays fan. There’s something about baseball that I absolutely love. Maybe it’s because it’s a mathematical/statistical sport, or that it has an every day rhythm to it, or that I’ve been a fan so long, I just can’t help myself. Whatever the case, I love making dinner and watching the game over the supper hour. This Wednesday, I have my annual fantasy baseball drafting party. Believe it or not, it’s still with some guys I use to know in Abbotsford when I was a pastor there. I’ve never won the thing, but hey, when it comes to baseball, hope springs eternal.

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