• on March 6, 2017

Monday Musings–March 6th

    Sharon and I attended an African baby naming party last week Thursday at the home of Samson and Helen Okulaja, who are new to The River. What’s a baby naming party? Well, in the Nigerian Christian tradition, on the eighth day after a baby is born, all the family and friends of the baby’s parents gather to celebrate. It involves eating good food, prayer and finally giving the baby various names. Close friends and relatives are encouraged to name the baby something meaningful that expresses their hopes and dreams for the baby. Ayomide (which means “joy has come”) was given several beautiful names. I also had a chance to bless Ayomide and to pray over the family. It was a beautiful night!

    On Saturday, Sharon and I, along with Glen and Christie Peters, went to “Crazy For You”. It’s the new Gershwin play down at the Citadel. What a delight! The original music by itself is gorgeous, but the tap dancing and the way in which they dramatized the play had us laughing all night long. My face hurt afterwards from smiling so much. Anyway, do yourself a favor and grab some tickets while you still can.

    On Friday, a camera crew from our denomination’s head office did some filming around South Pointe. They are here to tell the story of the church planting movement that, by God grace, is taking place in Edmonton. Apparently, they got some great shots from all our church planting partners over the weekend including MosaicHouse (our daughter church), Avenue (our granddaughter church) and Neighborhood Life (led by Karen Wilk). The video will be out in time for Easter to raise support across our denomination for church planting. Exciting stuff.

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