• on May 29, 2017

Monday Musings–May 29th

    Well, I’m back. For those of you who don’t know, I spent several weeks away resting, reading, reflecting and generally recharge my batteries. That’s why you haven’t been receiving Monday Morning Musings for the past few weeks. Thanks for blessings me with the time off. A few takeaways. First, what an incredible blessing it is to have time to read. I love reading. Actually, I ran out of books after two weeks. On the third week, I had to resort to reading lend-a-book books from the place I was staying. Unfortunately, the pickings were thin. Here’s a few books that I would recommend. A bit depressing, but extremely well written and compelling is, “The Son” by Philipp Meyer. If you’re into history, Giles Morton’s, “Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” is wonderful. I finally finished Tim Keller’s newish book on prayer which is also well worth your time. In preparation for this summer’s message series, consider, “Wearing God: Clothing, Laughter and Fire and Other Overlooked Ways of Meeting God” by Lauren F. Winner. And then, whatever Jack Reacher book you can find. I love Jack Reacher. Great beach read, especially for guys.

    Second, what an amazing world we live in. As I’m into diving, I got the chance to swim five feet from a reef shark over the past week. It was pretty thrilling. They look at you with their dead eye as they pass by and you can tell they’re really assessing you. Actually, they don’t look at us as prey…more as a curiosity. Thank goodness. As it turns out on that dive we saw between 5-10 sharks (it’s hard to know if they’re different sharks or just circling). I also had a chance to dive the wreck of the Kittywike. It’s a Second World War sub rescue ship purposely scuttled off the coast of Grand Cayman. Navigating through her underwater decks was absolutely mind blowing. Loved it.

    This month we’re gearing up for the youth SERVE trip to the inner city of Vancouver in early July. Please put our team on your prayer list. It’s a young team, but I’m excited to see what God has in store for them. I’ll keep you posted in the coming weeks.

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