• on October 10, 2017

Monday Musings–October 9th

    Since I couldn’t be in church yesterday, let me start by wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! I trust you had a wonderful time eating turkey and giving thanks with your family and friends. My weekend was dominated by driving. For those of you who don’t know, we belong to a group of churches known as a “Classis” and occasionally, Classis assigns me to preach in other churches. This time, I had to preach in the hamlet of Fairview which is about one hour north of Grande Prairie. So, it was 6 hours there on Saturday and 6 hours back after the service on Sunday. I did my best to try to redeem the time by listening to various podcasts including one of my favorites called, “Hardcore History” (don’t worry its JUST history). Yesterday, we finally had a chance to gather the family and some friends from The River for our traditional Thanksgiving feast. We prayed together, broke bread, ate way too much and gave thanks for all God’s blessings.


    The civic election is coming up next Monday. Can I encourage you to take some time this week to examine your local candidates, find out what they stand for and commit yourself to voting? The Bible tells us that as a “matter of conscience” we ought to participate in the system of government that we are a part of. I know life is busy and it takes an effort to get out and vote. However, one of the strange ironies in our society is that civic elections typically have the lowest voter turnout (compared to provincial and federal elections), but what our local politicians do actually affects our day to day lives way more than any other level of government.


    We’re starting a baptism/new members class this coming Sunday morning at 9 AM in the church office. If you haven’t taken it yet, please attend. You’ll learn about the history of The River, our vision and values and much more. Fire me an e-mail at pastorbruce@rivercommunity.ca if you have any questions.


    Last chance to sign up for Break Forth, the largest ecumenical conference in Canada. This year’s line-up of speakers and worship leaders looks very promising. It cost $175, but it’s worth every penny. If you need a form (i.e. so you can pick classes, seminars and break outs), e-mail me and I’ll send you one. This Sunday is the final, final deadline.

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