• on July 18, 2018

River Kids Hall Monitors

    Calling all men and women!

    River Kids is seeking 5-6 hall monitors to start fall 2018

    Why we do it:
    Having a “floating” adult helps us make sure that our River Kids program is in compliance with
    our Safe Church policy and helps provide our Sunday School teachers with a second set of
    hands when needed.


    What we do:
    Guidelines for Hall Monitor:

     Monitor activity in the hallways to ensure no kids are wandering around unattended

     Accompany children (wait outside) to the washroom if needed
     Visit each classroom (4) and nursery at least 1x during the 30 minute class period to check if any assistance is needed
     Assist teacher if asked- run an errand or watch class if teacher needs to leave the room.
     Help ensure all children and adults are safe and we are meeting our Safe Church Policy. 1
    teacher per class means we must have a “roamer,” a 2nd set of adult eyes to maintain the
    safety of all.

    To sign up or find out more, please email Mel here.

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