• on October 4, 2017

Sign Up For Break Forth!

    This year, Break Forth, the largest ecumenical worship conference in Canada, looks to be better than ever. So many good speakers. So many good worship leaders. So much equipping. You don’t want to miss it. So, join a large group of Riverites who will attend Break Forth on January 26th-28th, 2018. Here’s the good news, if we register TOGETHER, we can save a ton of money. Your job is to pick up a registration form at The River’s INFO BOOTH this Sunday and sign up. You’ll need to indicate on the form which classes you want to attend during the course of the weekend. The cost, if you register with us before October 15th, is $175. So cheap for what you get! If you want more information as to how to sign up, contact Janessa Gritter at nessagrit@gmail.com. See you there!

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