Leadership Team

Executive: The River is led by an executive board of Elders responsible to ensure it remains faithful to its vision and effectively carries out the mission Jesus gave his church. The Elders meet monthly and their tasks include budgeting, policy development, managing staff and spiritual leadership. Elders are confirmed by the congregation through a process that involves both faith and discernment. To contact our Executive, please e-mail trccexec@gmail.com.

Administration: Our administration team is responsible for financial management. To contact a member of our administration team, please e-mail admin@rivercommunity.ca.

Personnel: The River’s personnel team is primarily responsible for the hiring, development and care of our staff. To contact a member of our personnel team, please e-mail personnel@rivercommunity.ca.

Our staff is responsible for carrying out the day-to-day operations of The River in accordance with vision of the church and under the authority of our Executive. What follows is a list of areas of responsibility and contact information. The River’s staff can be reached through our central telephone system at 780-438-4523.

Pastor Bruce Gritter
Lead/Founding Pastor
The River Community Church

Melissa Boesch
Children’s and Women’s Ministries Director
The River Community Church

Nathan Fudge
Worship Director
The River Community Church

Pastor David Joo
Pastor of Korean Ministries
So Mang

Pastor Victor Ko
Lead Pastor
MosaicHouse Community Church

Derrick Popley
Associate Pastor
The River Community Church

Byron Scheuer
Director of Administration
The River Community Church

Malissa Huillery
Social Justice Network Leader
The River Community Church

Dr. Karen Wilk
Lead Pastor
Neighbourhood Networks

Dr. Aaron Au
Lead Pastor
Avenue Church

Our Current Executive

Lindsay McDavid

Michael Taekema

Sharon Versluys
Administration Team Liaison

Steve Oosterhoof
Administration Team Liaison

Josh Steenbergen
Personnel Team Liaison

Juli Wenger
Member at Large

Eniola Adeoye
Member at Large

Pastor Bruce Gritter
Lead Pastor