What We Believe About Children's Ministry

Children hold a very special place in God’s kingdom. We believe the single most essential aspect of a child’s life is a relationship with Jesus. By making weekly worship a family priority, you impart to children the vital importance of orienting their lives around Jesus and among a community of people who love Him. Worship is not just another “thing to do;” it is an essential discipline for you and your family.

At The River, we believe that teaching kids about faith, values, scripture and life is critical to preparing them for a blessed and fulfilling life. We also believe that both parents and church play a large part in this endeavour. As such, the purpose of Kids 4 Christ is to partner with parents in raising kids to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ and to live a productive life as one of his followers.

The River Kids believes that the primary place where faith is taught and caught is the home and that parents are their children’s primary disciplers. We are thus committed to equipping parents to make their homes a place where faith is nurtured and lived out and where children make a lasting commitment to love and serve Jesus.

We believe that kids and parents learn best in an atmosphere of fun, music, creativity and joy. You are never too young or too old to be a Kid of the Kingdom! For this reason, our River Kids program includes stories, dramas, songs, crafts, puppets and lots more.

River Kids is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for every child that is a part of our ministry. We are therefore committed to living out the policies outlined in The River Community Church’s “Plan to Protect”.