Social Justice Network

At The River, we strive to be a transformed and transforming community. This means that we don’t exist to serve ourselves, but to serve and care for the world, especially those that are most vulnerable. As a community, we long to see God’s justice and mercy prevailing in every area of life.  We serve our neighbors not as an evangelistic ploy, but simply because it’s good and right to do so. We value cross-cultural and international ministry experiences as an extension of our call to bring Christ’s healing grace to the world.


What we Believe

The River believes that injustice, conflict and poverty are all inter-related. Nothing operates in a vacuum, and actions in one part of society have repercussions in others, both locally and globally. In the Bible’s original text, there are two Hebrew words that translate to the English word justice. One refers to rectifying justice – or making wrongs right. The second word for justice has a more personal connotation. It refers to compassion-driven justice in human relationships. This is where social justice starts. As Christians, we follow the example set by Jesus in our approach to social justice. During his time on earth, Jesus championed society’s poorest and most marginalized citizens. His approach to justice showed the world a new way to fight injustice, shifting the focus from restitution to restoration, from revenge to reconciliation.



Zambia Partnership

In 2008, the River entered into a partnership with the Madzimoyo Local Board (MLB) of Madzimoyo, Eastern Province, Zambia, Southern Africa.  The MLB is a grass roots community organization representing 112 villages and approximately 21,000 people within the Madzimoyo mission district.

In 2015 we redefined our partnership to work through the Reformed Church in Zambia, via World Renew. Through the empowerment of local congregations, we are seeing Madzimoyo building the skills necessary to raise out of material poverty. In turn, our friends in Madzimoyo have much to teach us about the Spiritual poverty of the West.

Travel to Zambia takes place regularly.  If you are interested in meeting our partners on the ground in Madzimoyo please contact Malissa Huillery at


Local Investments

Our Community Assistance Fund is a granting program that provides emergency funding to people in need via organizations such as the Multicultural Family Resource Centre, WIN House, and the Mustard Seed.

Many Riverites spend countless volunteer hours with different organizations around the city. We also have a refugee sponsorship program and we are a collection depot for the Edmonton Food Bank.

We are always looking for new ideas, and people with a passion in specific areas. If you have something you would like to see at the River, or for more information as to how to get involved with various SJN initiatives,  please contact Malissa Huillery at