When God Shows Up

In the last week of our “Showing Up” series, in conjunction with Palm Sunday, we’ll talk about what happened when God Showed Up. We’ll talk about how unexpected, how paradoxical, how important it was. We’ll also talk about how to celebrate Holy Week (the week between Palm Sunday and Easter) with your family.

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Showing Up In Your Community

For the fourth week of this message series, we’ll share some untold stories of what our Community Assistance Fund has done in and around Edmonton. You’ll be inspired! We’ll also challenge you to figure out unique and creative ways of getting involved in your own community.

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Showing Up At Church

Showing up at church means more than just showing up on Sunday morning. When Jesus founded the church he didn’t just expect it to survive, he wanted it to thrive and grow; to take ground from the enemy. But that takes people who are fundamentally committed to building a welcoming culture, highly functioning ministries and an authentic community.

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Showing Up In Our Relationships

In the second week of our series, “Showing Up", we’ll look at showing up to each other in the key relational areas of our lives. You are a Father, you are a Mother, you are a Sister, you are a Brother, you are an Aunt, you are an Uncle, you are a Friend - and a bunch of other things. How are you intentionally bringing life to the people in your life? Do you care? It’s God’s intention that you bless others.

Showing Up To God

Sometimes we forget that one of the most obvious and powerful keys to life is just showing up. This is true in all sorts areas of our lives. However, in the busyness of life, our souls often take a hit. We forget to show up in our relationship with God. The good news is God never fails to show up for us. What’s more, He can meet us in whatever space we create for Him to inhabit.

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